photos around the yard

You might recall from this post, that I've been playing around with film photography. And, if you'll recall from this post, I bought myself a Minolta x-700 camera for my birthday.

The photos below are all photos from my 2nd roll of film taken withe the Minolta. What happened to photos from the 1st roll? Well, I advanced the film to far and now it won't wind. I sat in a pitch black closet trying to shove the film back in the canister manually, but was only able to get half of it in before it just stuck. (I'll probably take that half-a-roll of film to get developed just to see what's on it. And hope the people at the camera store don't laugh at me too much.)

The other day, I took my camera outside to practice. Practice focusing, mostly. I'm not great at manual focusing and there isn't any auto focus on the Minolta. There is a special screen through the viewfinder, though, that really helps me get sharp photos.

I'm kind of having a love affair with film right now (don't tell my dSLR!) and am really hoping to start offering film portrait sessions. If anyone in the Greenville area is interested, please let me know! For a limited time, I'm offering film portrait sessions for practically free. (My time and talent are free, but if you'd like a copy of your prints, it will be a small fee.)


Kendra said…
Awesome pictures! So glad you're getting in to film and loving it! I <3<3<3 film so much but don't work with it enough! It's great that you're planning to offer it more for sessions too, I know for me I've been on the hunt for a wedding photography who does mostly film but they are hard to find so I'm sure there are others out there like me, looking for something similar!
Good luck with your film adventure! :)
Missy said…
Could you go into that dark closet and put the film into a shoe box before you take it to the camera store for developing? Maybe you could still save the whole roll.
fraukuech said…
Well, if you can't find one, I do travel. :) I'm seriously obsessed with film, it's so much fun!
fraukuech said…
It's already exposed. I gave up on it!