Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old and incredibly dull

So, sometime before I deleted by old blog (Overanalyzed), I toyed around with the idea of moving to wordpress. I imported my blog into wordpress, played around with it, and hated it. However, I never delelted it. And what does that mean? I was able to import those old entries into this blog!

I was pretty excited about that until I went back and read the first entry. What a dull blog.

HAHAHA. Just read the post where I say that I think I wish have a crush on "BH" (I didn't call anyone by their name at first) until the day I die. Oh, sad little lovesick me.

And I used to TYPe LiKe THiS SoMeTiMeS. That's awfully annoying.

But, I suppose, it's all a piece of the girl I was and therefore, I'm glad to have it too look back on.


Stargirl said...

Finally in Aug2004 you remove the initials, because I'm like, who the hell are these people!

Missy said...

Last month I found my first diary from when I was in jr high. Oh, the humanity!

What cracked me up the most was as I continued reading, I got more and more disgusted with myself at that age. Then there were a few blank pages, and the next entry was about six months later than the last entry. That entry said something like, "I just read through this diary, and I am disgusted with the girl who wrote it! She's whiny, boy crazy, and self-absorbed." etc.

From that point on, my diary entries were more mature and God-focused. Hooray! I was so happy to read that.


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