Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moving backwards

Some months ago, my friend Jaclyn lent me her Canon Rebel Ti. A film camera. I think the last time I used a film camera was probably about 8 or so years ago. And I've never ever used a film SLR in my life!

I've only gone through two rolls of film. When I first got it, I shot a roll of film in a week or two. I promptly put another roll in the camera, took a few photos, and the camera spent a few months on the shelf.

Well, I bought myself an old Minolta x-700 for my birthday and decided that I needed to finish up the roll in the Canon. Well, picking up the camera again, I really loved taking photos.

And you know what I really loved? Getting the film developed and seeing all the pictures! Here is just a sampling of the pictures from those two rolls of film.

Of course there are photos of the G kids! I took the camera to work a few times. They wanted to know why they couldn't see the images afterward I took the picture.

Isn't this pretty? It's a photo taken from my from porch as the sun was setting.

These were some of Mike's heirloom tomatoes...which means this was taken in the spring.

This photo was taken on St. Patrick's Day! That's my friend Amanda about to get married :)

Love love love this one. It was taken at a dinner in the park with some of my Shutterbuds.

This is my soon-to-be-niece, Adrienne, at our family weekend in the mountains. She's part cat. This photo was taken in September.

This is me & Anne Marie, a couple of weeks ago, headed out to lunch.

The fancy pigeons at Shinola, an antiques store here in Greenville. Anne Marie and I went there after lunch.

Another photo taken at Shinola.

My sexy sister on getting her drink on at our NYE cocktail party.

And the last photo on the roll was this photo Mary took of me & Mike at our NYE party. :)


Melissa Ann said...

Oh, how this makes me miss film. And the sad thing is I have two film cameras and two rolls (reels? yards and yards of film to roll myself) and the darkbag and developing tank to do black and white. All I need is chemicals...

fraukuech said...

Well, if you ever decide to do some developing, invite me over! I've never been in a darkroom and it sounds like a cool thing to try!

Stargirl said...

I love the photo of D and of course, I love the photo of meeee! It's just something about the film photos that look a little vintage-y to me.

Missy said...

Wow, part cat and the other part is panda? Fun!


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