so much pretty: los cabos

Every time I go on vacation, I have this big plan to take all these SMP photos and then fail almost entirely. Well, going to Cabo was no different; I only remembered to take these photos one of the days. Oh well! I'm not a true fashion blogger and I see no shame in wearing the same outfit more than once. ;)

I seriously loved this outfit. Top? Super cute and not something I would ever buy on my own. Thank goodness I have a boss with better fashion taste who bought me cute tops for my birthday. :) The jeans, I can forsee, will be my go-to jeans in mid-summer because they're loose-fitting and cute. I'll probably get them hemmed though, so I can wear them with flats.

Not gonna lie--I love my hair in these photos. My natural hair color seems so one-dimensional, but I love the highlights that a bottle of Sun-In can bring. (No, I'm so not kidding. I heart sun-in.)

I actually felt a bit nervous being on this ledge. I was on the third floor and I'm a bit of a wuss...

If by any chance you are wondering why you sometimes see me doing this whole no-stop-paparazzi thing in photos, its because Mike stands there pressing the shutter button over and over and over again. And doesn't stop until I'm too close for the camera to focus.

top: Express (a birthday gift from the G family)
jeans: LOFT (from ebay)
shoes: Max Azaria for Wal*Mart


Stargirl said…
Ahahahahaha! I love that last photo. SO much do I love that last photo. Good job, Mike.
Missy said…
I love the SHOES!!!!

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