a few christmas pictures

I have to start with this one, even though it was already posted on my blog. :) This photo was taken at my dad's annual white elephant Christmas party. Someone brought a "man kit" that included these mustaches. Somehow, by the end of the evening, all the Heusers had mustaches for a family photo op.

This is my Christmas card display this year. I don't have a mantle and I wanted to display my cards in such a way that didn't, you know, get in the way. Also, I needed something on the walls of the dining room. I just love looking at everyone's Christmas cards each year!

The G kids on Christmas Adam. This my 5th year taking Alex & Lauren to see the St. Francis Festival of Trees and Davis's 4th year. Its one of my favorite Christmas traditions and they get so excited to hang out downtown for a little while. :)

After the looking at the trees, I was going to grab some hot chocolate. Instead, the kids wanted to go to Panera for lunch. That was just fine with me! We all got bowls broccoli cheddar soup and a gingerbread man to share. :)

This is my new Jo Totes camera bag! Remember, I asked for it? Well, I didn't actually think I'd get it...but I did! The G family got this for me for Christmas and I seriously love it! It actually fits all my stuff and is so gorgeous. :)


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