brown eyes + blue eyes = ?


I have often wondered what our children, should we ever be so blessed, would look like. 

Creamy white skin vs. perpetual tan. 
Brown hair vs. almost black hair. 
Very tall vs. very short. 
Blue eyes vs. brown eyes. 

I'd just love it if my kids had Mike's eyes. My dad's got blue eyes as well and that's always been a factor when I tried to work out those Mendel squares in my head. 

Well, I (kind of) have the answer to at least on of those questions. In my blog readings the other day, I read on Conventional Bliss about this cool website that will tell you what eye color your children are likely to have. 


 So, of course, I plugged in all the info and low and behold.... 

Blue 37.5% 
Green 12.5%
Brown 50.0%

Any offspring of ours have a 37.5% chance of having BLUE EYES! Of course the highest is brown because that's the dominant gene. But I didn't know that blue would be quite so high up there as well.

 To be honest, I guessed with his parents' eye color. I asked him and he wasn't entire sure. Then again, when people ask him how old he is, he looks at me for the answer. ;) 

 Turns out, whether his parents both had blue eyes, both had brown, or one of each...the percentages are the same.

Lots of people told me that my chances were slim to none. But I'd say that 37.5% is a pretty good chance, considering I'm half-asian! 


Cristy said…
I've always wondered that too Tiffany! Me being tan && dark hair and Justin having red hair and green eyes. I have wondered if we did ever have children.What color their eyes would be and if they be white like him or tan like me? Two of my friends who are Korean like me.They have kids but are married to both white American's. Both their kids have tan skin but have brown eyes.Their mix is so adorable! Hmmm.. This was interesting!

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