Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pointing and shooting: backlighting

Hey! How about another installment of Pointing & Shooting? I know, it's been ages. I'd tell you that I hadn't forgotten, but I had.

Also, my point & shoot camera died. Sad, I know. I really liked that camera. It took great photos and I like having the option of taking photo everywhere I go without lugging my dslr around. My iPod touch has become my new point & shoot camera. The two photos in the post were taken with my iPod and have zero editing done to them. :)

Today's tip: backlighting. What is it? Exactly what it sounds like! When you are lighting up your subject from behind.

Full disclosure: I got the idea for this post from my absolute favorite photography blog: Elizabeth Halford Photography. If you are an aspiring photographer, you must visit her blog. It's a wonderful resource!

However, if you're not a photographer, chances are great that you don't read Elizabeth's blog. So, I wanted to share this tip with all of you. It's not just for people with fancy-schmancy cameras! This simple tip will improve photos taken with your ipod/cheapo P&S/camera phone.

This first image was taken with me looking into the sunlight. I bet that's pretty obvious. 2 o'clock in the afternoon = harsh light and shadows. I'm squinty. I'm washed out. It's an all around a not nice photo.

For the second photo, I was sitting in the same place and took the photo just seconds after the first. Only difference? I turned around and faced the other direction.

Pretty halo of light around my head. No harsh shadows. I didn't even have to get up! This is a great option if there is no shade or if your just have to have some happy sunlight in your photo.

That's today's easy-peasy tip on taking better pictures. Even if you don't have a "real" camera.

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AZPartyMamma said...

great tip, I am bad at using backlight. My camera usually exposes for the light and my subject is black


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