Thursday, September 15, 2011

so much pretty: twofer

I had intended on taking "So Much Pretty" photos several days while in Michigan. However, I only remembered on Sunday. So, oh well. That just means I can take photos of those other outfits another day.

Today, you get a twofer. Two outfits, one day. The first one was for church (that we missed) and the second one was after church, when we went to my nephew's birthday party.

Notice: the black hair.
Yes, I dyed it black.
There was no getting the blue out.
It was a hopeless cause.

Also notice the shoes.
Man, have I gotten my money's worth with those shoes.
I've worn them just about every single day this summer.
I hope they last for next year too.
I really dig these shoes.

See how late we were running?
I didn't even do my makeup.
Also, this is my hair au natural.

I tried wide belts, and they didn't look good on me.
So I got this belt.
And knotted it. 
Mike's nephew's birthday party was next, so we came home and changed.
And then we went to take more pictures ^_^
I also unknotted the belt.

And put on makeup.

Sometimes you see me laughing at the end of a series of SMP photos, and that's because my husband is standing there and wont stop clicking the shutter.
And it makes me laugh. 

And get close and make silly faces.
 Look Ma! Red lippies and I plucked my eyebrows for once! Yay!
Also, see the spots of brown of hair where I missed with the dye?
Also, my hair isn't white.
It's just shiny.
T-shirt: Mossimo (Target)
Camisole: Mossimo (Target)
Belt: Converse One Star (Target)
Earrings & necklace: I made them
Skirt: No it from Plato's Closet
Vest: Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans: Mossimo (Target)
Shoes: White Mountain (Marshall's) but the exact same shoes were available at Target.
Hair: Garnier Nutrisse in Soft Black

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Elaine said...

definitely pretty! :)


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