Saturday, August 20, 2011

again with the hair!

Okay, so, no photos this time, however, I did make some decisions:

I started using non-color-safe shampoo. The blue comes out in droves.

I also dyed my hair brown. I forget what color, but it was one of the John Frieda precision foam in the "Radiant Red" family. However, it was reddish-brown. So, I say brown.

Anyway. That didn't work so well. My roots are GORGEOUS. All 1 centimeter of them. The rest of my hair was black.

Whatevs. I thought. I can live with that.

Until I got to work and I was looking in the mirror and I realized that it wasn't black, it was still BLUEish-greenish.

Lauren, the 6-year-old, sagely told me to just stop looking in the mirror if I hated it so much.

At a photography workshop a few nights ago, I asked a photographer friend who is also a hair-stylist for advice. She told me that blue is a base color, so it's going to fade out slower than the purple did. Who knew? That's the opposite that I heard from so many people, but it's proving to be SO true for me.

So, I've continued to wash my hair with non-color-safe shampoo on a daily basis in hopes of stripping out the color the rest of the way. And my natural oils, but I can lose that battle if it's only temporarily.

I think it's more brown today than it was two days ago.

If all else fails, I might go out and get some black dye, but I really don't want to do that.

So, fingers crossed. 


Miscellaneous From Missy said...


fraukuech said...

No wigs! Wigs kinda freak me out (NO offense to any of my friends who might wear wigs. You look gorgeous, Kara.) They're just not for me. I'm going the cheap shampoo route, and if its still bluish next week, oh well.


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