Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vegetarian Challenge: week 2

This week, I had a fail on Sunday. I had a hot dog for lunch. Let me correct that, I had TWO hot dogs for lunch. Not veggie dogs. Cheap hot dogs from a corner store. One had relish (relish! That's like vegetables, right?) and one, oh, the second one? It had chili. Oh, how I love a hot dog with chili. See, we were on the beach and I was hungry. My brother went to get hot dogs, and I wasn't going to starve myself.

Other than that, I've had some really delicious meals. Wednesday, Mike made portobello mushroom burgers topped with guacamole and they were amazing. I mean, they were so delicious, I couldn't believe it. We liked them so much we had them again on Friday. :)

I went out with some girlfriends on Thursday to On the Border. It took me a while to figure out what to eat and, boy, my options sure were limited. I eventually settled on Dos Equis fish tacos. Fish tacos isn't something I ever think to buy. Fish tacos just sound gross to me. I sure have changed my mind! The shrimp tacos and the XX fish tacos were quite possible the yummiest tacos I have ever had. I will definitely be opting for fish tacos more often when I venture to a Mexican restaurant.

Today, as we were leaving the farmer's market, Mike and I commented on how being vegetarian had made us be a bit more adventurous in what we ate. Sushi, portobello mushroom burgers, fish tacos! Rib eyes were on sale, so Mike came home with some yesterday. He eats meat on the weekends, I don't. I may have to leave the room while he eats them.

Has anyone ever had sushi from Publix? The other day, I wanted sushi so bad that the stuff at Publix was looking pretty good. Is it any good?

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