Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegetarian Challenge: week 1

Day 1: Technically, I did not start this vegetarian thing until the evening. Because at JR and Amelia's wedding, I had corn dog. Of COURSE I had a corn dog! It was a like a state fair reception. I had a corn dog, lemonade, and cotton candy. Gosh, I could go for more of that cotton candy...

Anyway, for dinner on Sunday we had salmon, one of our favorite main dishes. It was a great way to kick off this vegetarian thing. Salmon, mashed potatoes, and a big side of leafy green salad. Yum!

Day 2: Let's see. For lunch today I had leftovers from last night. Salmon, mashed potatoes, and a huge salad. We're going to try to eat at least one serving of raw food a day.  For dinner, Kristy & Kyle came over for Kyle's birthday. Everyone else had burritos, I made a cheese quesadilla. We also had beans, rice, and, of course birthday cake! I splurged for Kyle and got him a ice cream cake. It was delicious.

Day 3: I had another cheese quesadilla for lunch today. They're so easy to fix. And I do have a fondness for cheese. For dinner, we had breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and sausage patties. Not just any sausage patties, Morningstar Farm's sausage patties. They were kind of weird. Kind of squishy.

Day 4: I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch at work today. At least this going vegetarian thing is going to keep me from sneaking one of Davis's chicken nuggets. We made a new rule today. Chicken is okay under extenuating circumstances. Like if you get off work just in time to make it to Shepherding Group and don't exactly have time to stop and eat a salad. I was just going to eat a bunch of fries for dinner, but we decided that was a dumb idea. Anyway, a chicken Caesar wrap is probably healthier than a load of french fries.

Day 5: I had another chicken quesadilla for lunch today. Mike said the point of going vegetarian was to eat more VEGETABLES. He said we're not going to be cheesitarians. I told him he could be a vegetarian, I'll stick with the cheese! ;) After he left (he comes home for lunch. It's fab. I love seeing him in the middle of the day!) I had a big glass of V8 fusion. For dinner tonight, Mike and I made our own sushi! We used basic ingredients (cream cheese, smoked salmon, crab meat, cucumber) and had a lot of fun making our own rolls. This website was very helpful.

Day 6: Lunch today was vegetable soup. Out of a can. Nothin' too special. For dinner, we had sushi again! Stargirl joined us, since we're all driving to the beach together tomorrow. In addition to all the ingredients from last night, we also had avocado tonight. It was delicious, again, and I made much better inside-out rolls than I did last night. Also, I think I got the hang of cutting an inside-out roll so that it still looks round. Not smushed and flat. They had ice cream cake for desert, I had a Popsicle.

Day 7: Mike, Stargirl and I shared homemade granola and dried strawberries on our way to the beach. And, once we got there, we went to Taco Boy for lunch. Mike isn't vegetarian on the weekends, so he enjoyed meat during our trip. ;) I had a tempura shrimp taco and it was possibly the best taco I have ever had! I ate lots of cheetos on the beach. I eventually told Mike to take the bag away from me, otherwise I'd eat the lot. For dinner, at Loggerhead's, I had more shrimp! Shrimp is only a dining out treat for me. I never make it at home since Mike doesn't like it. But it is oh-so-delicious.

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