Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twinfest 2011: myrtle beach

So, I've been meaning to blog about Twinfest since we got back, but, well, I was totally slack. I think, however, that some people were a little confused about Twinfest. See fest is short for festival. So people thought I was going to a big twin convention. Well, no, it was just Mary and I and the first annual sister's vacation. 

Anyway, Twinfest was SO MUCH FUN.
On the way to Myrtle Beach--Broadway on the Beach, specifically--we kept seeing signs for Pirate Adventure and MagiQuest which prompted this tweet. While we did neither, we did make sure to get a photo at MagiQuest. I mean, how could we not? Dumbledore's alive!!

At Broadway on the Beach, you could get fish food pellets for a quarter. There were a few fish and I had quarters. So, why not?

This is why not. Once the fish saw you, even if you didn't have food. They came over and started opening and closing their mouths like baby chicks. Except they were gross and ugly fish. 

Mary had to take a turn with the gross fish too. OF COURSE.

For lunch, we paid homage to our childhood (growing up listening to Jimmy Buffet) and went to Margaritaville. Everything was delish.

After Broadway on the Beach, we checked in at our hotel, Springmaid Resort, and immediately headed out for an evening walk on the beach!

It was gorgeous!

This photo and the next photo is the view from our hotel room!


We spent ALL day Tuesday out at the beach.

The seagulls wanted our cheetos

And I was afraid of all those dang seagulls pooping on me!

We went in to eat some lunch, clean up a little, and check out the Springmaid Pier. We got some hotdogs. One of which was FREE, thanks to coupons we got from booking directly through the resort!

That day, for dinner, we went to a seafood buffet. There were mermaids and pirates, so I suppose that justified the price. But the mermaid didn't flip her tail, toss her hair, or giggle or anything. Dinner was delicious. But can some please tell us how you eat crawfish?

Next day? It was overcast and sprinkly, so the beach was a no-go. Instead, we spent the day shopping! We went to the outlets and Barefoot Landing.

At barefood landing, there weren't gross fish. But there were greedy moldy little turtles

After shopping we played a round of mini golf. Mary totally kicked my butt. I mean, I was seriously awful. But it was free, with the coupons we got. After mini-golf, another evening walk on the beach, of course! This time to get some ice cream from the pier. Also free! :)

I didn't take any photos of the drive home, so we'll end with Mary & I exploring the gift shop. I got a FREE t-shirt from the gift shop, which I gave to Mike since my size options were large or x-large. Here we see Mary making the girl shark and the boy shark give each other kisses.

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