Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so much pretty: rehearsal dinner

Mike and I were up in Charlotte this previous weekend for a good friend's wedding. For the rehearsal and dinner, I wore my basic go-to lbd and a new cardigan. You can't see what I'm wearing on my feet, but I bet you can guess. Well, if you guessed that I wore my go-to black heels you are SO right.

The hotel was so close to the church that we walked. And, of course, I changed shoes while walking. I am NO good in walking in those shoes.

When Mike wears this shirt, I'm reminded of how he used to tease and flirt with me before we got back together. ;)

On her: black dress (plato's closet), cardigan (old navy), shoes (target), earrings (bangladesh)
On him: shirt (guess)


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