Thursday, May 12, 2011

so much pretty: goin' to the chapel

Well, onto the wedding day. I made up for not taking any SMP pictures while on Twinfest by taking a LOT the following weekend!! :) I'm just now realizing how wonky this top looks in this photo. The wind was blowing the ruffles around!

This was the first tine I wore the top. I was SO excited about this outfit! I got the top from the Banana Republic outlet and was trying to figure something to pair with in and I came up with this skirt and knew it would be perfect to wear to Andrew and Carrie's wedding! I had a necklace and different earrings plan, but, well, you'll hear more about that later.

This skirt was a teensy bit too small, which meant I had to wear it at my natural waist. This was A-OK, because I loved how it looked! I also loved how my hair turned out. And the fact that I found something that I can wear with these white heels!

Well, since hubby was a groomsman that day, I had to sneak him into the pics! Andrew is something of a bow tie aficionado and had bowties for all his groomsmen. In fact, at the reception, we sat next to the lovely gal who made all the bowties! Her company is The Cordial Churchman. Fun fact: that is the same shirt that Mike wore on our wedding day!

On her: earrings (Bangladesh), shirt (Banana Republic), skirt (thrifted), shoes (forever 21)
On him: bowtie (cordial churchman), shirt (nautica), belt (buckle), pants (gap)


Stargirl said...

That outfit is wonderful! I'm so glad you got both BR tops. I LOOOOOVE that top!


Stargirl said...

Really? Navy Ball? NAVY BALL????? BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVAR! I mean, yes, I *might* have a boyfriend, but can you IMAGINE the eye candy there?????

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Stargirl, she's not allowed to imagine the eye candy there! Haha!


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