Thursday, May 26, 2011

so much pretty: braid tutorial

So, I don't have photos for you today, though, really, I probably should. I LOVE the top I'm wearing. It's nothing special, but it's new and its pink. Talk about winning.

My hair also looks fabulous today and I want to share with you the tutorial I used to first learn how to do this hairstyle. Also, I love Loepsie's channel. She is adorable!

I've done my hair like this a few times so far, and I know you've seen it at least once. I love doing my hair like this because it's pretty easy (once you get the hang of it) and so much pretty. Also, it keeps my hair off the back of my neck. And two less pretty reasons: it keeps my hair off my inevitably sweaty neck (thank you, summer) and its great for those days that your hair is too greasy to wear down but you really would like to go another day before washing it. Those last two are the big reasons why I'm wearing my hair like this today. I know, that is so sexy you can't even stand it.

And, didn't you know, braids are in again this Summer.

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