Thursday, May 5, 2011

everybody's free to wear sunscreen. and, in fact, they probably should.

"Don't forget the sunscreen," my boss reminded me as I left work on Friday.
"Oh, I wont!" I assured her. After all, I had some SPF 15 waiting at home to be packed away in my beach bag.

Nah, I'd never bought such a low SPF before. I usually get SPF 70. But, seriously, I was BORN with a tan. Any SPF should do it. In fact, half the time, I forget to apply sunscreen. I should be fine. Heck I even considered buying tanning lotion. That stuff has SPF 8!

I wore the SPF 15. I even reapplied...once. Well, the thing is, I don't usually spend all day out under the sun. Well, it wasn't ALL day. It was more like, six hours or so.

I was d-a-r-k, dark! At least, on my chest and my arms.

My shoulder and right below that, near my armpit? Red. The tops of my feet? Red. MY FACE? RED! Except for, of course, where my sunglasses were every so kindly protecting my eyes.

I felt a little bit like Ms. Kardashian looks here:

Though, not that bad. Not nearly that bad at all. And, actually, it's started to fade already. Thank goodness.

Though, trying on clothes yesterday, when we went shopping wasn't always a blast. These sunburn thingys hurt! And mine wasn't bad at all. I now have a better understanding.

Lesson learned: bringing the SPF 70, even if you put the asian in caucasian.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99, if I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. ~Baz Luhrmann


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