Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tiffany A to Z

A ge: 26

B ed size: Queen

C hore you hate: Cleaning the floor. Because my beautiful Bella and her shedding make it a constant task.

D ogs: Bella, whom I love. A lot. I love cuddling with her.

scruffy Bella and her Christmas present, Beggin' Strips
E ssential start to your day: Pressing the snooze button at least once.

F avorite color: Pink is my standard. However, I'm currently a little obsessed with yellow.

G old or silver: Silver, mostly. But I don't hate gold.

H eight: 5′2″

I nstruments you play: The radio. Oh yeah.

J ob Title: Best Wife Ever, Super Nanny, or Photographer. I answer to all.

K ids: I've got three kids. None of them are mine, but I sure do like 'em.

L ive: Two blocks from the projects.

M om’s name: Veronica

N icknames: Mostly Tiff. Sometimes Mary, but that person is usually confused. My online moniker is fraukuech. Iffy is what Mary (Nary) called me when we were toddlers. I have, at various times, had a vast variety of nicknames all starting with Tiff: Tiffy, Tiffster, Tiffizzle, Tiffanation, Tiffatini, etc.

O vernight hospital stays: Never. Except when I was born.

P et peeve: When the dog finds my pulls my undies out of the laundry basket. I hate that.

Q uote from a movie: "Don't pay anybody in advance. And don't ride in anything with a Capissen 38 engine, they fall right out of the sky."

R ight or left handed: Right.

S iblings: Stargirl and Leo.

Me and my sibs @ my wedding
T ime you wake up: My alarm clock goes off at 6:30am when I work. If I don't work, I get up when Mike gets up. Anywhere between 7am (work days) and 9am.

U nderwear: Yes, I own underwear.

V egetables you dislike: Eggplant and cucumbers. I have NEVER tried okra.

W hat makes you run late: I often wait until the last possible minute to leave.


X -Rays you've had: Lots of them for my back. I have scoliosis.

Y ummy food you make: All of it. Just ask the hubs.

Z oo animal: Vultures. Yes, vultures. They're pretty cute when they're all jumping around. Also, red pandas. SO CUTE.



Dana & Ryan said...

I LOVE YOUR A to Z! The cute letters make it pop! Enjoy your Thursday! Thanks for stopping by at

Stargirl said...

Agreed, very cute. But uh vulture? You're retarded. Also, you forgot the best nickname: Tiffasaurus Rex. Finally. Kaylee's quote is from the episode "Shindig" not the film.

But, I like it. Also, I love the new layout of your blog. Fancy

fraukuech said...

@dana: thanks!

@stargirl: you're right, I did forget the most awesome nickname. my b. you should makeover your blog. or give me temporary admin privileges and let me give it a makeover.

Michael said...

I love that picture of you and your sis and bro. Classic


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