Monday, April 11, 2011

Shorts + sidwalk chalk + sprinklers = summer!

Summer is officially here as far as I'm concerned. Okay, so, I know people like Dooce are still battling snowfall, but here in the southeast, the weather is a little different.

Over the weekend, I checked the 10-day forecast and today was predicted to have a devastating high of 89°! It now says the high will be 83°, thank goodness.

We've had several afternoon thunderstorms. (In fact, I think I hear one a-brewin' as I type this.)

I've had to remember to shave my legs regularly since I'm wearing shorts. (TMI? Whatever, you let yourself go in the winter too.)

This morning, I pulled out my clinical strength deoderant. (I'm a sweaty girl, don't judge.)

The search for the perfect pair of espadrille wedges has begun once again. (Third summer and counting...)

We've started opening every window in the house and turning on all the ceiling fans to keep the house cool--even at night. (No central air, yet. We rely on window units and those are currently in the shed.)

The first annual Twinfest is fast approaching. Exactly three weeks from RIGHT NOW I should be at the beach, or at least almost there, with my sister. (****SQUEE****)

And, on that note, I've been shopping for a new bathing suit. (I've got three black bathing suits, so I'm looking for one a little more fun.)

Today, I didn't have to wait for it to warm up a little before we played outside. I made sidewalk chalk paint (from this recipe) for Davis. I sat, facing the sun (to tan a little) and reading while he painted. And, okay, yeah, I painted some myself. And while he was watching it dry, the sprinklers came on to water the lawn and flowerbeds. So, he ran through the water for a while.

And while I love summer, I am REALLY not looking foward to the crazy heat that comes with it.


Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I had to laugh at the leg-shaving part. This Sunday, I wore a shorter skirt to church along with my knee-high boots. Since only my knee region would be showing, I only shaved that region. Later, the day warmed up considerably, so I put on shorts and sandals. I forgot that my leg under my boot wasn't shaven. I looked like I was wearing a hairy boot. (Thankfully, people that I pointed it out to said it wasn't noticeable. But, I suppose they could have just been trying to be polite.)

Samantha said...

Ha! I don't ((well hardly)) shave my legs when I know I'll be wearing jeans 24/7.
Love your blog! You no have a new follower :)

fraukuech said...

Yay! I love new bloggie friends. Followed you back! :)

Glad both of you commented and let me know I'm not the only gal who neglects her (hairy) legs!


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