Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting to know you...

So, inspired by what a fellow blogger just did, I'd like to get to know all of you a little more. Especially all of you who read this and never comment! :) I'll make it easy for you, too. You don't have to come up with something witty to engage in comment banter (though you are certainly welcome to it!) all you have to do is, if you'd like, tell me a bit about yourself.

Name: Tiffany
Where you live: Greenville, SC
Where you wish you lived: Exactly where I am. Same house and all. Though sometimes I wish I lived in France with Lauren.
Favorite hobby/ies: Photography, dancing
What book you're currently reading: Pride & Prejudice
Favorite Disney princess: Belle, of course!
Your blog/twitter/flickr/facebook fan page/etc: In Pursuit, Tiffany Kuechenmeister Photography, @fraukuech, (basically google "fraukuech" and you'll find me)
**Update** Also, how long have you been reading my blog?

Okay, now it's your turn! Fill it out, even if you have never ever left a comment, and tell me about yourself! :)


Jennie said...

Name: Jennie
Where you live: Greenville, SC
Where you wish you lived: on a villa on the coast of France, with my own plane that I could easily fly to visit people I love. Was this supposed to be realistic?
Favorite hobby/ies: photography, dancing (Tiffany we have a lot in common!), cooking, being outside
What book you're currently reading: "Midnight's Children" by Salman Rushdie
Favorite Disney princess: probably Belle, maybe Ariel :)
Your blog/twitter/flickr/facebook fan page/etc:

Teri Coleman said...

Name: Teri
Where you live: lancaster, England
Where you wish you lived: In my own house, In Cornwall (well if I could relocate my parents) or somewhere thats always hot!
Favorite hobby/ies: Jewellery making and other crafts, reading, blogging, photography, music to name a few
What book you're currently reading: A searching heart by Janette Oke
Favorite Disney princess: Sleeping Beauty
Your blog/twitter/flickr/facebook fan page/etc: (with links to all the others @THandmadeHome (twitter)

Hope that's not too many places to find me! believe it or not I have more!

Thanks for the easy way to get to know each other xxx

Kendra said...

Name: Kendra
Where you live: Near Pittsburgh, PA
Where you wish you lived: Not sure yet. I miss home but I loved Boston and I would love to visit/live in Europe for a while.
Favorite hobby/ies: Reading
What book you're currently reading: Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Disney princess: Hmm..hard one. I always love Jasmin
Your blog/twitter/flickr/facebook fan page/etc: @kendrajkantor

**Update** Also, how long have you been reading my blog? I'm not sure! I've been following your photo blog longer than this one, but a good while for both :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Name: Missy
Where I Live: Indiana
Where I Wish I Lived: This is hard. Somewhere warmer, for sure, and with a beautiful beach nearby. My extended family would have to move too, all of my brothers and sisters and their families, but of course they would want to. After all, *I* would be there...and it would be like paradise. And then of course, my current church family would have to relocate. So, in all, massive undertaking. Glad you asked!
Favorite hobbies: (ones I actually do) blogging, writing, reading other blogs, reading books (ones I wish I had time for) scrapbooking, exploring, trying new things
What Book Am I Currently Reading: Hot Tropics and Cold Feet by Diann Hunt
Favorite Disney Princess: Sleeping Beauty when she was undercover as Briar Rose
My Blog:
How Long Have I Been Reading: Hmm, since 2006? Wow, a long time!


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