Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wee bit wednesday v32.

{one} ice: crushed or cubed?
depends on my mood. I like crushed ice at restaurants, but I don't like waiting for a fridge-unit to crush the ice.

{two} what is your worst traffic pet peeve?
people going slow in the left lane. especially when the right lane is free.

{three} what room in your house best represents your personality?
the kitchen. kind of messy, but cleans up really nice.

{four} do you save old birthday cards?
yep! i have an little box full of them :)

{five} when was the last time you went on a picnic?
hmm...probably when i got engaged. makes me think we're overdue for another one!

{six} do you regularly check your horoscope?
i'll check it if i happen to be thumbing through a magazine that features horoscopes, but i don't ever make a point to.

{seven} when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet?
my LUK-EES! i love them. :)

{eight} what’s your favorite gambling game?
do penny slots count?

{nine} have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
no, books seem too daunting. but i've written a few short stories.

{ten} what is your favorite musical?
i dunno. i don't like lots, but don't love, love, love any particular one. though, i am quite fond of into the woods.

1 comment:

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I saw Into The Woods only once, but I really liked it and its songs. I ought to get a copy for myself. (But I HATED the second part!)


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