Saturday, February 12, 2011

so much pretty: business socks

I got these fun pink socks from my dear friend, Anne Marie, at my lingerie shower. She called them my business socks. Only some of you will laugh at that. I didn't think I'd every actually wear them because, really, who wears pink over-the-knee socks? Of course I kept them and, once this so much pretty thing started up, I was determined to figure out how to wear these socks.

The socks were actually the start to this outfit. I was going to a bridal shower and felt like wearing pink. I was determined to wear the over-the-knee pink knit socks and I did. So cute, I know.

The fun scarf-tying method was taught to me by Stargirl. It's such a fun & unique way to tie a scarf! She should do a quick tutorial video.Also, welcome to my porch. Aren't outside pictures grand?

Earrings made by me, Mossimo tuxedo top, pink pashmina from my mom, generic black belt, Gap denim skirt, Mossimo patterned tights, Sock Dreams pink socks, Madden girl boots


Lacey said...

Business Socks.
I get it.

And they are so cute - and your outfit is adorable - just like you!

seriousbethy said...

The question is, when Mike got home, did HE get it??? Oh, can I say that?!

I meant the reference of course, did he get the reference???



I LOVE Sock Dreams! I have three pair of "business socks" from there. Good call.

Stargirl said...

Super cute, I lurrrrve all the pink.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Seriousbethy cracked me up! I love the outfit. I've been thinking about legwarmers, but over the knee socks might be a better idea.


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