Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The newest addition to my camera bag...

Last week, while I was taking these pictures, something happened. My camera stopped. It just stopped working. When I pressed the shutter button? Nothing. When I tried to auto-focus? Nothing. Oh, dear. This was it. The day that I had feared would come, but had hoped it would take it's time coming.

Yes, my Canon Rebel XT--or, rather, Mike's, since it was technically his camera--died. In fact, in the post I linked to above, you can see me sitting next to my camera in the last post. That's because I had to finish the photos with my point &shoot.

our used-to-death Rebel
Our rebel lived a good life. It's done more traveling than lots of people I know! It's been to Bangladesh (several times!), Afghanistan, Japan, Thailand, India, Peru, Czech Republic, Austria, and Turkey. It's also seen me through quite a few photo shoot in my burgeoning photography career. I learned how to shoot manual on that camera (and, by the way, never went back. If you have a DSLR, learn to shoot in manual and thank me later.)

While I'm sad to see it go (I'll be selling it for parts), I'm happy to welcome the newest addition to my camera bag (also, Mike's camera bag, not mine).......

My new Canon 60D!!! I did a lot of research before buying this camera. I was nervous about dropping the bucks and being disappointed with what I received. But I think I made the right choice for me.

I love it! I've been playing with it all afternoon and I can't wait to get it out into the gorgeous sunlight.

That lens, by the way, is an 85mm f/1.8. It's not new, but I'm mentioning it to tell you that I highly reccomend it! I love love love it. I think I'll write a post about my lenses on another day. :)

I could tell you more about the 60D, but if you're really curious, there's an abundance of information on the web. I've set up my custom fuctions and have been taking lots of photos of my dog, my husband, and varying things around the house. I'm pretty happy with how it's settling into my hands, despite the different buttons, menu, etc.

Mostly, I can't wait to take a photo walk and share the product with you. Until then, maybe YOU could take some photos and share them with me! :)


Joshua said...

AWESOME! I can't believe how fast camera technology is moving. I like my XSi, but it already seems so behind. Can't wait to see what pics you take with it...

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

:-D I'm glad you're so happy with it!


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