Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy belated valentine's day

to all my lovely followers! I know many bloggers are good about holiday greetings ON the holiday, but unless I schedule that post, I usually forget. Now...v-day recap:

My husband and I went out to eat on Sunday since I have a photography class on Monday night. Instead of going somewhere fancy and watching a chick-flick, as per our tradition, we went to a diner. I was really wanting a monte cristo. Also, there wasn't any good chick-flick out this v-day. Last year they made it so easy with a movie called Valentine's Day. This year they had Just Go With It or Gnomeo & Juliet, so we decided against going to the movies. (We had just seen True Grit on Friday, anyway. I highly recommend it!)

We agreed to exchange cards & presents Monday evening, after he came home from work, but before I went to class. He told me that he was getting me a gift that was for both of us, so not to buy him anything. Well, Mike really likes pies, more than cakes or cupcakes. But pies seem intimidating to me, so I've never made one. But for v-day, I decided to make an apple pie. (I'd rather have done cherry, for my Michigan-born hubby, but they're not in season.) It turned out delicious! Mike got me flowers and a really awesome gift, but you have to wait to find out. It's a surprise for everyone, yay!


yujiayao said...
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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Oh, thank you, Mike! I LOVE surprises!


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