Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wee bit wednesday v28.

{one} have you ever been on tv?
When I lived in Iceland, I was on TV a little bit. Our base was 2 square miles and things like Girl Scouts singing at the nursing home was on the news. 

{two} what was the best movie you saw last year?
Love Aaj Kal, definitely.

{three} do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
Tucked in, definitely! I hate to have my sheets untucked.

{four} do you cut coupons?
I sure do! And I have Mrs. A's coupon organizer!

{five} do you ever count your steps when you walk?
No, but I often counted stairs when I was a kid.

{six} what sauce do you dip your chicken nuggets in?

{seven} do you have any magazine subscriptions?
Popular Photography, Redbook, Prevention, and Southern Living

{eight} when was the last time you wrote a letter on paper?
I have no idea. But I recently got a penpal, so I'll probably be writing letters on paper more often!

{nine} what’s your favorite fruit pie?
Um, apple, I guess? I don't have fruit pie that often. But I do love baked apple desserts.

{ten} black olives or green olives?
What a silly questions. Kalamata (purple) olives, of course!

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