so much pretty: tights of the hot pink variety

***Note: for those of you who are wondering about the influx of style posts on your readers, So Much Pretty has been moved from an individual blog to a feature on this blog.***
I wore this outfit to ladies' bible study this morning. So many friends commented on my PINK legs. "It's my New Year's Resolution," I said, "to dress more creatively."  I love how the scarf ties in with the tights! There's just a touch of pink in that scarf that's the same color.

What? What's that you say? I need to find a new pair of boots for pete's sake? Yes, I know. Please send me a pair. I really want grey suede boots or black engineer boots.

Where did my head go? Well, I'm a little limited when I do self-portraits. We'll call this artsy. Did I like this outfit? Yes! I was able to dress cute and still be comfortable. I'm always comfortable in this cardigan. Also, I tied my belt a la Elaine. This belt tying thing is a new fascination of mine. So are tights, apparently. I must be getting used to this whole dressing creatively thing, because I felt considerably less awkward than I expected to feel.

From top to bottom: InPursuit pink earrings (handmade); Merona purple scarf (gift from my boss); Coolwear black top (stolen gift from Stargirl); Forever 21 black cardigan; Black belt (from TJ Maxx, $9); Gap denim skirt (from Bangladesh); Old Navy pink tights (gift); Madden girl boots (gift from Stargirl).

On Bella: Super cute pink & black argyle collar and a lot of hair. But someone wasn't careful with their BFF charm, so that's gone missing. Dogs are so irresponsible.


LOVED this post and your outfit. Did I tell you that I made the same resolution? (With not so fabulous results yet, but I'm learning.) Now, I know about pink tights! (And I need new boots, too. I need brown ones. Maybe, I could buy you some gray ones, and you could buy me some brown ones, what do you think?)
fraukuech said…
Missy, I just love how half the comment is in parentheses. I love parentheses. If you want to do interesting tights without being as CRAZY as pink, Target has some fun ones. I WISH I could buy you a new pair of boots, but all my money is currently going elsewhere. I'll explain that in a future post ;)
alanna. said…
Love your scarf! I love tying mine lots of different ways too - including that way. :)