Monday, January 10, 2011

so much pretty: Snow day!

What is this pose? I don't know. You may suspect that it is due to the excitement of having decent snow accumulation in South Carolina (about 6-7 so far and it's still falling). Or perhaps I've been playing too much dance central. While both of those may be true, I was trying to take a jumping photo all by myself and it's hard to tell when the timer is about to go off.

Look! I wore makeup for this one! I actually took all the photos, looked at them, deleted the close-ups of my face, did my makeup, and then went back outside to take more photos. Its actually a little pet peeve of mine when style bloggers don't bother to make their hair or face look nice at all. So, really, I should follow suit and slap on some mascara.

Look at all this snow! Here in SC, when it snows this much everything shuts down. Even the mall is closed today! And for some reason, people seem to think that the street is their playground. My husband nearly ran people over going to Home Depot (which, by the way, is open).

These earrings were a free gift from Helzberg. They came with a pair of peach pearl earrings and black pearl earrings. And the scarf (under the earrings) was a birthday gift from my boss. The cute hat, I bought in Michigan. We were wandering around Target and I said, "All I want is a simple had with a cute knit flower on the side!" We went to Meijer next (we were actually searching for gloves for HerrKuech) and what do you know! A simple had with a cute knit flower on the side that was on sale! Score!

These boots are old. I bought them in 2005 to brave the summer floods that can happen at the camp I used to work at. These days, I only wear them when it snows.

Did I like this outfit? Yes! I was warm in my super-duper-fully-fur-lined coat with my adorable hat and boots. Functional and cute! To keep my tootsies warm, I decided against the usual layering 10 pairs of socks and decided to go with my thick hiking thorlos. I wore them over my jeans to much success.

From top to bottom: Grey wool hat from Meijer, Helzberg pearl earrings, Merona scarf, Merona sweater (not pictured) Wilson's fur-lined leather coat, Merona gloves, Gap curvy straight jeans, Thorlo socks, Sam & Libby boots
On Bella: doggie sweater made by my MIL


Miscellaneous From Missy said...

HAha for the jumping fail, and I like the boots a lot! (I'm trying to avoid using the word love in ALL of my comments. Like the variety?)

fraukuech said...

Oh Missy, you have such a refined vocabulary. I like your comments a lot! :)


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