Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I don't think I have ever accomplished my New Year's resolutions. Though, I don't think I ever made any significant resolutions. Aside from the yearly, "I shall touch my toes this year!" Which, by the way, I fully plan to do this year.

You know that phrase, "new year, new you." Well, this year, that's kind of my resolution. And not just for fitness--for all facets of Tiffany. And taking que from a Glamour tip--I think it was Glamour, at least. BTW, thanks Anne Marie, for giving me your old Glamours. They entertained me while I was sans internets for a whole week. Anyway, the tip was to not go extreme on your resolutions. Example: I would like to do the Couch to 5k program...not run a marathon.

In fact, I don't want to run a marathon EVER.

So, here are my resolutions.

Eat healthier. I have never ever made a resolution in reference to diet because, duh, I'm a skinnie-minnie. And while, in the past, I didn't think I needed it, the truth is that I do. We all do! Mike and I decided we wanted to start eating healthier. Not only healthier, but yummier and more organic. Little things like buying more veggies, springing for the organic chicken, eating less processed foods, and not stocking up on tombstone pizzas.

Drink more water. Chiropractor says I need 1/2 my body weight in fluid ounces a day. I don't think I get even close to that usually. So, I carry around a 1 liter bottle and try to drink that twice a day. That's made me realize that, even when I choose water over other drinks (soft drinks, etc) every single time, I still fall short! Drinking a healthy amount of water needs to be an active thing.

Exercise regularly. Like this kitteh, I have started to do yoga regularly and I LOVE it. I'd like to continue to do yoga at least twice a week. I even got a new yoga mat for my birthday (Thanks Janelle!) and am excited to put it to good use! I also plan on doing a kettlebells class once a week. And, as aforementioned, the couch to 5k program. UGH. I hate running. Running is terrible. I think I've mentioned my loathing of running before. Nonetheless, I think it would be good for me. Mike and I are getting fancy new running shoes and doing the couch to 5k program. There's a 5k in the spring we're planning on doing. I think I'd like to do a few this year.

Be faithful. I have never ever been in the habit of reading my bible on a daily basis. It's just not something I was trained to do. But my goal is not to read my bible daily. It's to soak in God daily. To deepen that relationship. I find than when I do make it a priority, It's not only good for my spiritual walk. It's good for my sanity, my relationship with my husband, my attitude about life.

Push creativity. I want to push my photography to the next level. Right now, I take some pretty good photos. But I want to push myself. Try that different angle, pose the model in this way, break some of the rules, learn which rules must not be broken. I'm taking another photography class coming up soon, and I'm pretty excited about it. I also want to dress more creatively. I'm just a jeans and t-shirt girl. I don't want to be super cutting edge, or anything. I think, mostly, I'd just like to define my own style and push the limits of what is in my safe-zone.

Happy 2011! Hope it's good to all of us :)

The benefits of being kind to one's body are astounding. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach


alanna. said...

Love love love this post! I couldn't agree more on each of your resoultions for myelf! I love the images you found.. cuh-yute!! :)


fraukuech said...

Thanks girl!


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