Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wee bit wednesday v27 (christmas edition, part 1)

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?
Yes! We got an artifical tree from Lowe's on Black Friday. I was so excited, I put it up THAT very day!

 {two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?
Well, when I was a kid, it was opening Uncle Joe's gifts on Christmas Eve before we went to Mass. My parents host a White Elephant Christmas party every year which is always lots of fun. We got a bride and groom ornament last year as a wedding gift, and this Christmas, I decided I wanted a new ornament every year. Like a scrapbook for your tree!

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?
Christmas day! But one year, we got home from Midnight Mass and my brother was like, "Can we open our presents? Techincally, it's already Christmas!" And Dad, being the awesome dad that he is, said yes!

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?
I'm not entirely sure. I think it happened when a kid on the bus said, "You don't still believe in Santa, do you!?!" And I was like, "Pfff! Of course not!"

{five} do you fill stockings?
You know, the last couple of years, we haven't had anything in our stockings. But this year, Christmas morning is at MY house and I'm going to ask everyone to leave their stockings at my house so I can fill them

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?
I'm not doing any handmade this year, but I am getting a few pieces of local art for some people

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?
This year, Dad is make steak for Christmas! This is our 2nd time doing steak and I'm pretty excited.

eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?
Artifical, but I love it! Maybe we'll get a real tree one day :)

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?
"Last Christmas" by Wham! or "War is Over" by John Lennon. Acutally, I have several. I think I'll make this question into a whole blog post.

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?
Not yet! I know, I'm really late...but I hope to have them sent out this weekend. :)


Chloë said...

"A scrapbook for your tree" -- love it!

and your poor child self...finding out that way must be traumatizing, haha.

arsenalfamily said...

We do an ornament every year as well! I would love to get a REAL tree, but I don't know what to do with it afterwards!


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