Sunday, December 19, 2010

so much pretty: inaugural post

***Note: since this was first written, So Much Pretty has been moved over from an individual blog to a feature on this blog.***

We were talking about my engagement ring. And I said something along the lines of, "Oh, I love my ring. It's so much pretty..."

Maybe I meant to say, "It's so much prettier than anyone else's engagement ring in the whole wide world!" Which, by the way, is totally true.

But, of course, Stargirl and Leo (our brother) started making fun of me for talking so Asian. You probably had to be there to think it's as funny as it was.

I said to Stargirl, "Hey, that can be the name of our style blog!" Even though there had been no talk of us starting a style blog together, she immediately agreed.

We're twins, you know. We're on the same wavelength like that.

Having a style blog makes total sense because Stargirl is totally fashionable. Unfortunately, there are hardly any photos of her dressed super cute--which she does on a regular basis. So, hopefully, you'll see some soon. :)

And for your viewing pleasure, a few photos of Stargirl, Leo, and me! (Forgive the quality, these photos were taken with my iPod.)

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Your hair is super cute here. Leo's cracking me up with the scarf. He is SOO much pretty! :-) And there goes Stargirl rocking that red belt again. Sigh, she's talking me into buying one for myself, and I don't usually spend money.


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