Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product photography

So, you may or may not know that I took a lighting class this past couple months. It was an advanced lighting class and I just loved it! I really should post photos from that class here. We'll after getting my beautiful Votivo gift basket for my birthday (thanks Mike!) I decided to practice a little product photography.

I used two 580ex II flashes, one on my camera bouncing off the ceiling and one on it's stand off to the side. I really wanted to practice this off-camera lighting thing on my own. It took me several tries and I took at least a hundred photos. Here are the ones I thought worthy enough to post on my blog:

Well, I guess, technically it isn't a gift basket--it's a gift box. Isn't it pretty? It was topped with a big red bow. Click here to see how I reused the bow!

There were red and gold Christmas ornaments and pretty gold pears in the box!

All the items: a candle, a reed diffuser, fragrance mist, and a Dallian Collection candle. My photography teacher might DIE if he saw this. I mean, clearly it's blown out. The idea I'm going for, I think, is kind of cool. Poorly executed, though, because the off-camera flash was too close.

I took photos of everything in the box, but the Dalian Collection candle was just the coolest. All the other products look like of lame next to it. Which they're not! It's just that 1) I did a poor job of photographing them and 2) this candle really is pretty dang cool.

When you open the pretty packaging this is what's inside. The coolest jar candle ever! I mean, it's just gorgeous. The minutes I saw it, I knew I had to photograph it. :) Sorry about my dusty, scratched table underneath!

What did I learn from my little product photography session? I'm not good at it! It's much easier when you have someone setting up the lights in the proper places and with the proper equipment. I could have used a light stand and an umbrella. And a backdrop so you wouldn't have to see my kitchen!

Mostly, though, I had fun. I love taking photos of anything!


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