Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Confusing birthday prezzies

"I've got your birthday present," Mike said to me one night.

So, then, of course, I pester him trying to figure out what it is. After a few minutes, he responds, "Okay, do your really want to know?"

To which I say, "No, of course not!"

He does give me a hint: "You'll be a little confused when you get it, but when I explain it to you, you'll be really excited."

Which makes me think it's something technical. Something I would look at and be, like, "Huh?" But after he explains what it is and what it does, I'll be super excited.

And THEN....a few days later, as we're leaving the Home Depot. He opens the back of his SUV to put our purchases in the trunk space. There's a gift basket all red and gold. He gasps. "You're not supposed to see that!" I get ushered to the passenger seat so I won't get any more peeks.

And I'm confused. I thought it was something techy and computery. But a gift basket? The only thing I can think is maybe it's one of those drugstore candles and bath salts kind of gift baskets. After all, my big birthday present is something else. (I'll reveal that later!)

But his previous phrase, that I would be initially confused, has me confused! What's not to get about a gift basket.

He gets in the care and asks me if I just want it now. No! Of course not.

Later that night, as I'm once again trying to figure out the gift, he tells me that it's bath salts. The reason that it wouldn't make any sense for him to give me bath salts is because we have NO BATHTUB. At least not for another couple of years.

"We could stop up the drain and fill the shower up to the ledge for a teeny little bath." He laughs.

And then he asks again if I want it. Well, now that I know what it is, you might as well!

He brings it in. It's not bath salts!

It's a Votivo candle gift basket! Woo! WAY better than drugstore bath salts. There's a small candle, a large candle, a reed diffuser and fragrance mist all in Votivo's most popular scent: Red Current. Mike purchased this from an auction that's helping to raise money for a friend to adopt a baby!) A friend gave us a Votivo candle as a house warming gift and I loved it. 

I haven't burnt any of these candles yet because I already have a different scent going. But as soon as that's done, the house will be filled with the scent of Red Current. Yum!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I love birthday surprises! And Red Currant sounds yummy!


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