Monday, November 22, 2010

Need some photography done?

Do you live in the Greater Greenville, SC area? Do you want a free portrait session? This week only, because I have the week off from work, I'm offering a bit of a special.

A $0 session fee and after you're session you'll have the option of purchasing prints or downloads.

We'll do a 60 to 90 minute session in the location of your choice. We can do the mountains, the park, your home, downtown, anywhere!

I really really really want to take photos of couples, newborns, or baby bumps. If these don't apply to you, contact me anyway. I still want to take your photo! Tell your mom. Tell your friends.

Email me and we can discuss our options! fraukuech[at]gmail[dot]com


katie said...

Wow!! Since my husband is participating in "No-Shave November" we can't do this week... how much do you normally charge??

Tiffany said...

Oh, you might want to have fond memories of No-Shave November! Ha-ha! My session fee is $75. :)


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