Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long, beautiful hair

Did I tell you that I chopped off all my hair? No? And, of course, if we're not facebook friends, then you've got no idea. (Side note, if I may? You should "like" my facebook page: Hope I don't sound desperate, but if you can't ask your blogger friends, who can you, eh? End side note.)

Anyway, HAIR. I chopped off all my hair. I was actually only going to cut it to my collarbone. Still a decent lob off my hair, but not, like, really short. I've been talking, actually, about wanting a big change (bangs, bob, whatever) for a while, but hadn't gone through with it.

Then, while sitting in the salon flipping through a magazine, I saw this picture:
And I thought, "Well, that's pretty cute..." And then I thought, "I should get my hair cut like that. Maybe? No. That's a crazy idea. I have long beautiful hair." And I continued to wrestle with the idea up until I sat in the stylists chair.

Then I, very hesitantly, mentioned it. And I was nervous and freaking out! But, I decided to go for it!

Before... (photo by Jennie Raff Photography)


Another after

I wish I had more photos of me. Maybe I'll upload them later. I wear it curly or straight still. When it's curly, it looks very 1920s!

Short hair is easier because I can shampoo & condition it much easier. I dries so fast. It's light!

Short hair is harder because I can't just throw it into a pony and go. It gets all funky when I sleep on it and I have to do my hair every day.

Also, it should be noted that I don't have a professional photo of my with my new hair.

Anyway, I love love love my new hair style. It took Mike a day or two, because, yeah, it was a big change. But he likes it too. :)

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

WOW! I love it! I didn't think I would when I first read, but the pics at the end sold me. Very cute!


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