Friday, October 29, 2010

It was the cat's pajamas!

Okay, so I had a really cute costume for this year's Halloween swing dance. A flapper. An authentic looking flapper! No feather boas for this gal (note: Flappers carrying feather boas? That's baloney! They did, however, love furs!) Someone actually told me that I looked like a picture they had seen of their great-grandmother. Bees knees!

I wore this same costume a few years ago at a Speakeasy dance, though, I must say that I wore it better the second time around. And since I never blogged about this dress, I've got to share now.

This dress is actually my 8th grade prom dress. Yep! I kept it all these years without much reason, but now I know why! My subconscious must have known that I'd fall in love with doing the charleston. :)

It used to be a simple long dress with two layers: the lining and the lace. I cut the lining up to just below the knees and pinned up the lace to create a drop-waist. The head scarf I'm wearing is the scarf that came with the dress. Upcycling, FTW!

I was actually leaning pretty heavily against dressing as a flapper. Swing-era vintage dress isn't exactly creative enough for Halloween in the swing dance world. Not when you so regularly dress in vintage!

But I recently bobbed my hair.

And if that isn't a flapper thing do to, I don't know what is! (Besides the cussing, drinking, and smoking, I suppose...) So, push came to shove and I just had to be a flapper. And, anyway, I can hoof a pretty good Charleston.

Click here to see the rest of the photos from the Halloween dance!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

What a perfect picture of you! I love it! So, how'd the cussing, drinking and smoking go for the evening? Haha!


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