Thursday, September 23, 2010


Mike and I recently started going to a chiropractor. I was kind of nervous at first because I think it's kind of scary to have someone messing with your spine. Then, we went to this session thing where he told us all about the ways that chiropractic can help us. And I went from being nervous to skeptical.

We've been going for exactly three weeks today, and I'm still skeptical. Three weeks, by the way, has been the initial appointment/consultation, the second appointment/information session/first adjustment and seven adjustments since then (we go 3x/week for the first 6 weeks)

I'm less and less skeptical the more I attend, but I'm not a 100% believer. So far, though, I've got to say that I really like it. The doctor and all the staff are really wonderful.

The other day, I had a neck adjustment. I'm not nervous about going to the chiropractor anymore, but the neck adjustments still have me a little squeamish. The doctor knows this and tells me things like, "Don't worry! I haven't killed anyone yet this week...we're probably okay." Which are funny, and help me relax.

So,I was sitting there with my hands on my knees and he's behind me, talking in the deep, calm voice he uses and he says, "Okay, now  turn your hands palms up." I turn my hands over, wondering whether the way my hands are facing have anything to do with the adjustment. And then he says in a steady, deadpan voice, "That way, you can catch you head if it falls off."

Which, by the way, it didn't


Miscellaneous From Missy said...


We've been going to the chiro recently too, and I started off like you, skeptical. Now, I love it. We're past the three times a week and down to the twos, but I still get nervous every time its neck adjustment time. My doctor makes funny comments, like yours does, and Jeremy and I have started to work his phrases into our everyday vernacular. He cracks us up because he compliments himself or approves of his work after each crack. So now, when Liberty falls and hits her head on something, we say, "Oh yeah, that was a good one." :-)

We crack ourselves up.

But seriously, we LOVE our doctor. He's a great guy.

michael said...

I'm also a little bit scared my chiropractor did the neck adjustment. On the other end, I feel good when it’s over.
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