Tuesday, August 10, 2010

31 photos in 31 days: 10

Today's photo of the day? Two of my favorite people in the world. Or, rather, my favorite person and my favorite dog. Being half-pug, however, gives my puppy (who is not technically a "puppy") very human-like eyes. So, she's kind of a person.

Does it look like he's choking her? He's not. But I wouldn't put it past him. (KIDDING!) Here's some snippets I overheard Mike say while they were playing today:

  • I will step on your fuzzy little head!
  • Ew! Why do you have to sneeze on my feet! Go sneeze somewhere else.
  • Are you dead? Bark once for yes.
  • No, I'm not going to rub your belly. (Repeated several times a day. After which Mike rubs her belly.)
  • Go chase a cat. [Meows] Yeah, now your confused. [Continues to meow.]
  • Don't sneeze on my leg! Holy crap!
  • I'm gonna step on your ears.
  • Don't even think about it. Don't bite my foot. Ow!

They love each other. Sure he steps on her ears and she sneezes on him. They just have a funny way of showing that they love each other.

Anyway, adorable. That's my little family. :)


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