1 year anniversary portraits

I already told you that my big brother took some photos of me and my hubby while we were down in Charleston on our anniversary trip.

Isn't this location awesome? I wanted us to wear something simple so we wouldn't distract from the background.

I love this one. <3

I love the look on Mike's face. No, he doesn't make that face ever time I kiss him!

What can I say? I love getting my picture taken!

This one, I took. Thanks, Leo! :)


Oh, good! When you mentioned a few posts ago that Leo had taken some photos, I hoped that you would post them. That IS a really cool background, and I immediately loved the kissing picture until I saw Mike's face. HAHA!

That last pic of Leo was really great, by the way. He should use it for something professionally. (Unless, of course, he has a better one.) What does he do?
Tiffany said…
You'll notice the kissing photo is in my header! Right now Leo is a student. But he does pretty good photography. Especially his landscapes. They're gorgeous.


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