Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, I took my first Zumba class on last week. I didn't even want to go to the gym, but Mike really encouraged me to get off the I went.

And I'm so glad I did!

I went to turbo kick a few days later. And then another Zumba class today. These two classes were way harder than my first zumba class. In fact, they made my first Zumba class look like kind of a joke. In turbo kick, we had to do crunches at the end. My abs HURT. I don't like crunches.

Friends have been telling me that the Zumba classes that the gym that we joined aren't that great. In fact, that they suck. But, I've never done Zumba before, so I couldn't tell if it sucked or not.

All I know is that:
1) working out is terrible, borring, miserable. Basically, every thing that Alex says about having to have a 1-hour study time is how I would describe working out--particularly running.
2) dancing is the opposite. Dancing is FUN and energizing and puts a smile on my face. I love to dance.

Solution = I don't need to workout, I just need to dance more often. And, luckily, Zumba is basically dancing. I only go lindy hopping about once a month these days, and I need something to help keep me in shape. Turbo kick is less dance-y but it still has a good beat and it's *fun*. Which, you know, is everything that running is not. (No offense to my friends who love to run!)

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