Thursday, July 15, 2010

family photo

We're having a house warming party coming up soon. If you life in my area, then send me an email for the details! (Thanks to Anne Marie for these pictures!)


Anne Marie said...

You neglected to mention that all I had to do was click the button after you set it all up... :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Sorry, I know this is not the point of the picture, but LOOK AT WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FRONT DOOR! I love it! :-)

And also, hooray for a family picture. :-)

Tiffany said...

Oh, Missy! It makes me happy that you say that. I LOVE that door. There are so many front doors and I hated them all. Then I saw this one from across the surplus warehouse and it was like the heavens opened! I love that door.


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