Thursday, June 3, 2010

After this...popsicles!


I'm in the middle of a great evening.

I haven't been able to make anything really yummy for my hubby lately. Thing's have just been a little busy around here. So, tonight, I wanted to make him something yummy and I whipped up some chicken kiev (baked at 375° for 30m, Missy!) It was, of course, delish.

As I was setting the table, Mike went over to the wine cooler and decided to pop open a bottle of merlot. And then he said to me, "It's a little dark in here," (which it wasn't) "maybe you could light some candles?"

Good food? Wine? Candles? I was totally swooning. I had this goofy little grin on my face, because, well, I love good time spend with my husband.

The chicken kiev was great. I used less chicken than the recipe called for, so the chicken was really buttery and lemony--but not too much! Delicious. :)

After dinner, we sat out on the front porch. We sat for a while chatting and finishing our wine. We talked about work, waved at passing neighbors, shared jokes, and talked about putting down roots.

And you know what? I love my life! God has blessed us so much. I love my husband, my family, my home, my neigborhood, and so many other things. :)

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I have a big cheesy grin on my face right now. :-)


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