Saturday shops: BeeLoveLee


I saw this adorable Hedgehog iPhone Cozy ($10) on the Etsy front page and went *squeeee* and knew that I immediately had to show off the shop BeeLoveLee.

Apple Owls Pouch ($6.50)

Love Birds Key Keeper ($4)
When PB met J Applique Pouch ($8.50)
Wild Flower Hoop Earings ($10)
Saturday shops is a new weekly feature on In Pursuit that showcases some of my favorite Etsy shops. These spots are not paid or, often, even known about by the artisan (at least, until I notify them). They're just Etsy shops I love. If you sell on Etsy and would like to suggest your shop, convo me on Etsy (tiffanyanne) or send me an email (

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Anonymous said…
What an honor, thanks so much! Awesome blog btw=)

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