Lazy photographer

I've always been, what I like to call, a "lazy photographer." I like to take pictures--and lots of them--but I don't like to mess around with all that confusing technical stuff on the camera. Even though I'm using a really nice camera that, as it turns out, can take pictures like this one:

Sunshine *and* milky water? Who'd've known?

That picture was taken with a high aperture, low ISO and slow shutter speed. All of this was instructed by my brother who just fiddled with his camera for a moment and figured it out. After trying to take pictures of rain this morning and epically failing...

What is that?

Okay, well, that picture is due to a shaky hand and laziness (there is a tripod in the house...somewhere...) But I think that I'd like to learn more about this f-stop and ISO stuff.

But, get this, my brother (who takes phenomenal photos) said something crazy yesterday like he doesn't think I'm a better photographer than him. He who takes photos such as the ones pictured below. Yes, he's crazy, but because he's takes such amazing pictures, I just had to show them off.


Eclipsed said…
Stopping by from SITS

Those pictures are amazing. I too am a lazy photog. I just bought this fancy pants camera and have yet to figure out how it actually works.

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