Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We actually made it!

Yep, we finally made it. We weren't even sure it was going to happen! Sunday morning, we had tickets to fly out out to Greenville that evening. Then our travel agent called and told us that Air India wanted us at the airport NOW. So, we gathered our stuff and Mike said to me "Don't mention this to anyone else." We had been told there were 900 people trying to get to Mumbai that we were afraid of losing our seats.

Well, when we got down to the hotel lobby, it was full of Indians and their luggage! A sign said "Sorry to see you go!" and a bus was on the way to take us back to JFK.

Upon getting to the hotel, I was grateful that our flight was one of the first canceled. We got into the hotel but there were cots set up all over the airport for travelers who didn't get as far as we did.

More waiting on the floor of the airport until we were able to check in. There was a bit more hullabaloo and waiting, but eventually we found ourselves India-bound. Our stewardess wore saris and kameez tops. Super cute! I actually got my picture with one of the beautiful sterwardesses (even though I had been on a plane for 15+ hours and was not exactly photogenic)!

We're all about to go shopping, so I'll write more when I have a moment. You guys must have been praying; I really thought we weren't gonna make it. :)


Chloë said...

so glad you made it! Take plenty of pictures!!

Jeff said...

T and Mike,

Soo happy that you're enjoying a trip of a life time. I can't wait to read this update to the kids! B safe.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

These stories are awesome! I'm loving the edge of your seat quality. :-)

So glad you got to go. I would have been very very sad if you ended up back in Greenville.


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