Thursday, April 8, 2010


You know, shots hurt a heck of a lot less than I remember.

I got two vaccinations today: typhoid and HepA. I was totally freaked out about getting these shots. Because, I mean, shots are ridiculously painful. Right? That's how they are in my memory!

I told Lauren, the adorable little girl to whom I am a nanny, about my shots. She told me all about how she was so brave at her four-year-old shots. She didn't even cry. Not even a little bit. She looked at my very seriously, "I think you'll be able to be brave too, Miss Tiffany."

Nah, I wasn't brave. I was terrified. But as it turned out, I couldn't even FEEL my typhoid shot! After the typhoid shot, she moved over to the other arm with the HepA shot.

"This is going to be worse, isn't it?"

The nurse laughed at me. "Who told you that?" Which, duh, mean yes!

So, it was worse. But not, like, painful. There was this weird oozy pressure of the medicine going in, but it didn't hurt. Really.

Of course, before I got my vaccinations, I had to research which ones I should get. And, of course, I ended up reading way too much information and freaking myself out a little. But if I learned anything from my little session, I learned that freaking out is sometimes WAY worse than the actual experience.

No, I'm not freaked out to go to Bangladesh. I'm super excited...I just have no idea what to expect. Or what to wear...


Alee said...

good job being brave! :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

"Or what to wear." That is a true dilemma, my friend. I would have lots of ludicrous suggestions for you, but I will refrain since you are already in Bangladesh at the time of my commenting. (At least, I think you are.)


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