Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday shops: Flower's Creations

I have tried intricate seed beading and have given up. I gave up because it was too hard for me...which is precisely why I have chosen to showcase Flower's Creations today. Her jewelry is gorgeous and clearly made with real skill! If you're in the market for a gorgeous statement piece, be sure to check out Flower's Creations!

Libellule verte beaded bead necklace ($130)

Resille spirale necklace cream and peach ($150)
Marshmallow peyote bracelet ($130)

Saturday shops is a new weekly feature on In Pursuit that showcases some of my favorite Etsy shops. These spots are not paid or, often, even known about by the artisan (at least, until I notify them). They're just Etsy shops I love. If you sell on Etsy and would like to suggest your shop, convo me on Etsy (tiffanyanne) or send me an email (

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Stargirl said...

I made a seed bead ring once, I'll show it to you when you come up.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Amazing. She must spend a lot of time on each piece.


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