Friday, April 16, 2010


You may have guessed this, but we're still at the hotel. We won't get to leave until Sunday. This is kind of a bummer because I would so much rather be in Bangladesh instead of stranded in a hotel in Holtsville. However, when we watch the news and see travelers sleeping on cots in European airports, we feel very blessed that we got stranded in America.

Because we're at an Indian run hotel, we've been getting Indian cuisine for our meals--except breakfast. And this isn't the kind of Indian cuisine I order in Greenville. This stuff is not made to accommodate Americans (because, now, I think, the Americans in our party are down to 2 or 3) which means it's SPICY! Our first meal, I ordered a quesadilla because the Indian food was very spicy and I told them I just couldn't do it. For lunch today, they made some penne vodka along with the Indian food, so I had some of that. And for dinner today? Saag! Saag is my favorite Indian dish and I told the cook how much I had been hoping we would get some saag. It's different from the saag I'm used to. It's healthier--less fattening cream, less sodium. Just as delish, though!

I'm also pleased to say that for the first time in at least a week, I'm able to eat something other than plain rice or noodles and there was more pleasure than pain! Yay!

While we'd rather get this show on the road, we're still enjoying ourselves. Mike has been able to get some work done and mentioned how "it's nice to stay in a hotel for free!" So true. We're hoping to check out the city tomorrow, so maybe I'll have another interesting story for you then.


Chloë said...

Sorry to hear you haven't left yet! But hopefully the award I gave you on my recent post will cheer you up :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Ha! I see Chloe gave you an award, too. Maybe you should try to leave the country more often! ;-)

I'm glad your sore is healing. Eating should always be fun. I didn't think about the ash delaying you guys, but it is nice to not be paying for that hotel!

You're going to have the best honeymoon story ever (and I thought I had a good one...well, I DO have a doozy of a honeymoon story. I'll have to share it someday when I can laugh at it.)


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