Adventures in packing

I usually have a hard time packing for a trip because I want to take everything I own and I end up over packing. I bring too many pairs of shoes and my blowdryer and straightening iron and all this jewelry. and, of course, too many clothes I won't need "just in case." I have been known to bring an extra bag just for my shoes. I once packed a terrycloth robe, it took up a LOT of space.

This trip, I'm bringing a back pack. It's a Deuter pack that never got much use. I bought it because I though 1) it was way cool, 2) it was cheap (sale + employee discount) and 3) I used to go backpacking. Well, it's too small for much of a backpacking trip and also I haven't backpacked in forever. So, this lovely pack just sat in my closet for years. Well, I finally get to use it! Yay.

Oh, I bet you see where this is going. The chronic over packer is fitting 10 days into one pack. Well, I'm only bringing one pair of shoes (two if you count my house slippers) and no hair tools (except for a brush) and no makeup. So, really, that cuts down on a ton of space.

Also, my clothing options are limited. It's polite to keep one's shoulders, legs and chest covered. No tank tops, shorts, low cut tops, etc. Not that I ever were any tops cut to there, but what is considered okay here, might not be over there.

I've been trying on things to see if I will be able to wear them while in Bangladesh. I've been playing with my scarves too. I wrapped one of my pretty pashminas around my head today and totally felt like Princess Jasmine.



alanna. said…
Oh my gosh. I hate packing/unpacking almost more than anyting in the world. I can totally relate, my friend. I'll be thinking of you when you're away! Can't wait to see photos of you with your pretty, little Jasmine scarf on your head! :)


I am a chronic over-packer, too, cuz you never know...

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