Saturday, I mean, Tuesday shops: Antique Basket Lady

I think I followed Antique basket lady on Twitter after some Twitter talk in the Etsy promotional forums. I clicked one one of the pieces she Twittered about and I was in love. I knew I would have to showcase these gorgeous bags on my blog! These are some of my favorite pieces from her shop:

Mini Zippy Coin/Business Card Clutch Case...Echino Scooter
Wristlet Zipper Gadget Pouch in the Streets of Paris
Messenger Style Shoulder Bag...Seed Pods in Black and White
Park Slope...MiniWallet, Coin Purse Card Case in Fuchsia
To view more items, visit Antiquebasketlady's shop or follow her @antiquebasket!
Saturday shops is a new weekly feature on In Pursuit that showcases some of my favorite Etsy shops. These spots are not paid or, often, even known about by the artisan (at least, until I notify them). They're just Etsy shops I love. If you sell on Etsy and would like to suggest your shop, convo me on Etsy (tiffanyanne) or send me an email (

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Michelle said…
She does very good work!
Dina Cuomo said…
I love her bags too- Nice post!
Oooh, I like the Streets of Paris one.

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