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So I've been way deep in this social media stuff lately. Blogs and webinars. Tweeting and commenting. Digg, delicious, StumbleUpon, etc. (If your on any of these, by the way, add me!)

Oh, gee. I just went about looking for friends on Digg, and turned out I already had a digg. Sheesh. I'll have to see if I can log in and close it out. I had NO idea I had a dig!

Anyway, you'll see at the bottom of each post, that I also added this neat little share widget. So, in the occasion that you fine any of my posts interesting enough to share, you can! On facebook, twitter, delicious or even Twackle and Mr. Wong. Whatever those are.

Anyway. I've neglected to put up my Friday photos and my Saturday shops! My Friday photos will Monday night photos, posted later tonight, and my Saturday shops will be posted tomorrow.

In addition to all this computer nonsense, I've also been spending plenty of time outside. I LOVE working in the yard! :) On Thursday afternoon, I was late to a baby shower because I was weeding the flower beds and working the dirt. On Saturday, I planted hyacinths and impatience.

The front corner flower bed of the house is looking particularly pretty with thumbergia, chinese fringe flower, primroses, and mondo grass. There's also some peonies to pop up later and some unidentified perennials that previous owners planted.

The chinese fringe flower has *got* to be moved though. It can get up to 10ft tall! Not what I want in my front flower bed. I want to move it to the back yard, but I've got to get the hubby to move a tiny dead tree first.


Sorry, I'm not on any of those computer things you mentioned. But your mention of gardening excited me beyond belief! I want so badly to have my own garden (even though I'd have no clue what I was doing at first). You'll have to take pics of the beauty for me.
Tiffany said…
Impatiens. I totally knew that. Except I'm a nanny, you see, so I think about impatience a lot.

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