Monday, February 15, 2010

On the wings of drama.

I have been watching this season's The Bachelor since the second episode and I've been hooked! I never thought I would enjoy watching The Bachelor, or the Bachelorette, because I hate the principle of the show. I hate the idea that, at the end, he makes this ridiculously hard decision between two women, both of whom he loves. I would hate to be one of those women; knowing that there is another gorgeous woman right behind me in a very close second place.

I wouldn't want to be the woman that won the competition. I would want there to be no competition! And I guess that's why I wasn't ever on the Bachelor.

That being said. I'm fully loving this show!

Excepting Ali's sudden departure, I've been able to predict the women that would leave fairly easily. Even today, I knew that Gia would leave. I didn't want her to leave, I along with the majority of Bachelor watcher want Vienna to be gone, but I knew she would stay. My DH and I formed a theory a few weeks ago and it is that Vienna will be one of the last two standing to see how the other women react to having her around. But, as it turns out, I think Jake actually likes Vienna.

Tonight's episode left us with Tenley and Vienna. And you know what? I think he's going to pick Vienna over Tenley (noooo!) but I wish he would have let Ali come back and pick her. If you want rumors about what will happen in the final two episodes, you might want to check out Reality Steve. I've heard this guy's have come true in previous seasons...


Shell said...

RS told us about the whole Molly/Melissa/Jason thing well ahead of time. So, I'm trusting his predictions. He did a post at the beginning of the season telling us ther order people would leave and it's been right so far.

alanna. said...

I'm totally nervous he will choose Vienna over Tenley! I'm thinking the same thing as you - he probably will. And of course it won't last. Why is reality TV so addicting?! Guuh!

Kristin said...

He's toooooootally going to pick Vienna! I finally refused to stop watching it...but I'm sure I'll watch the finale. It's a sickness. I ALWAYS get sucked back in!


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